Beneficial use of biosolids

Barwon Water’s biosolids are of a C2 Contamination Grade under the Biosolids Guidelines.

Plenary Environment and Ferti-Tech Australia are able to beneficially use the biosolids pellets without blending with other fertiliser products and may apply the pellets to land as a 'Restricted Product' under an EPA approved Environmental Improvement Plan.

Beneficial use sites must meet a range of site selection criteria and adopt environmental management controls. This avenue is preferred by some landholders as a way of achieving a higher rate of biosolids application for a given area.

Currently, Plenary Environment and Ferti-Tech Australia dispatches Barwon Water pelletised biosolids to more than 40 broad acre cropping and pasture farms across Central and Western Victoria.

"the benefit of the organic carbon, nutrients, trace elements and other constituents is able to be readily enjoyed by farmers and other agricultural users."